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The Mitchell Society

The Mitchell Society was formed in 1991, to honor former Director Helen Mitchell (1948-62) and her husband, Kenneth, who served as the chief business officer. As co-owners of the School, the Mitchells' generous bequest to Marlborough established the foundation for its long-term financial future.

The Mitchell Society recognizes and honors those who have included Marlborough School in their estate plans, which sustain the School in profound and pragmatic ways.

If you have made or intend to make provisions for Marlborough in your will, or through another type of estate planned gift, please inform the School of your plans.

Marlborough's planned giving staff is available at any time to discuss, in strictest confidence, your estate planned giving options.

Current Members


Linda and Ken Antonioli
Helene Cerf Bentley '25*
Donna '84 and David Bernstein
Marian Bole ‘32*
Adri Hepburn Butler '52
Phila M. Caldwell '34*
Nancy Banning Call '43 and Richard Call*
Muriel Cameron*
Mary Hargrave Carey ‘30*
Virginia Sevier Chase '25*
Gwendolyn Milner Cheesewright '30*
Stacie Cheng '89
Margaret Anne Cooper '47*
Leah Mackay Coulter '51
Meg Quinn Coulter '56
Nancy Dinsmore Day*
Marilyn Brant DeYoung '49
Tamra Flower Dickerson '50 and
Donald E. Dickerson
Betty Philp Dietrich '30*
Onnalee Olson Doheny '37*
Patricia Halbriter Doheny '41* and Patrick A. Doheny*
Kirsten Hammer Dueck '89
Kate Sullivan Farlow '61
Caryn Grim Fiedler '88
Valerie and Alan Field
Constance Middleton Fish '48* and Gordon Fish*
Jean Dolley Fisher '38*
Dorothy T. Peck Flynn '25*
Laura Horton Furey '85
Margaret Rodi Galbraith '61 and James M. Galbraith
Dorothy Fitger Haight '46
Antonia Hall
Barbara A. Hesse '50*
Cathy Collins Hession '69
Jaclyn and Robert Hill
Barbara Ann Hillman '58
Dorothy H. Hirshon '25*
Marilyn Hobbs '48*
Leonie and Glen Janken
Susan Harbach Johnson '52*
Stephanie Hope King '63
Donna Gotch and John M. Kochian
Joan T. Seaver '46
Laura Noll LaShelle '57
Sarah Fletcher Lawrence '40*
Janice Ogden Carpenter '57*
Nancy Omohundro Long '54*
Ann Stuart Lucas '52*
Teal Marchande
Lynn Baran McCarthy
Deborah Wellman McMurray ‘64* and James S. McMurray
Katharine Wheeler Meserve '44*
Helen Pease Mitchell* and Kenneth C. Mitchell*
Mary Miles Morrison '48
Betsy Moss Murchison ‘36*
Marjorie Bartlett Myers*
Barbara Lewis Myerson '46 and
Robert Myerson and Linda Myerson Dean '77 and Rod Dean
Jessica Seiter Niblo '57
Robert Charles Novak*
Maureen A. O'Toole*
Jane Vrnwink Palmer '45
Elizabeth Peeler*
Heloise Le Claire Phifer '25*
Nan Blitman and John Reagan
Katharine Jean Richman '24*
Mary Roberts Ripley '34*
Jaye Toellner Rogovin '81
Ann McLaughlin Ruttle '72
Priscilla Sands and John Berg
Helen Hastings Schriber ‘35*
Joni Jensen Smith '52
Linda Newby Smith '54
Woodward M. Taylor*
Marilou Sutter Tomblin '43
Betty Gillespie Turner '46
Daryl Westering Underwood '58
Marsha Utley *
Abbie Hicks von Schlegell '65
Barbara E. Wagner
Belinda Smith Walker '63
Letitia Rees Wallace*
Doty Currie Waugh '52
Letitia Ohmer Wheeler '47*
Mary McGaughey Whiting '71
Courtney Cummings Wolff '91
Cheryl and Peter Ziegler